What’s for Dinner Tonight?

If you’re like me you sometimes struggle to think of a different healthy, clean eating meal.

Here’s an meal idea that you might like to try….


A juicy, simple steak with steamed veggies will make a good hi protein, low carb meal. Unlike the photo I’d add a lot more veggies.

Remember the meat – beef, pork or lamb, perhaps should be the size of your hand and the thickness of your palm. Anything deeper than that must be green.
Consider the range of vegetables, you’re aiming for a rainbow of foods – so consider what colours you’ve had so far today and add the missing colours to your plate.


Tomorrow I’ll have a different suggestion and another way to select your vegetables.

Eat Clean, Lose Fat, Feel Great!


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Why You Must Not Eat Processed Foods!

Processed Food Ingredients

Oh the disappointment when I spot a deliciously appetizing recipe that is labeled healthy, follow the link, and find that indeed, it was too good to be true. Usually the offending ingredient is a can of processed soup, artificial sweetener, a white tortilla or bun, a processed cheese, cold cuts or meats full of nitrites, packaged crescent dough, etc. It seems that this stems from the “old school” mentality that food is healthy if it helps you to lose weight or is low in calories, no matter where the food comes from.

Processed food is terrible for you and has no place in a healthy diet. The additives and chemicals in these food-like products are proving to be more and more addictive, cancer-causing, and one of the major culprits behind the sickness and obesity epidemic in our country. You will be doing your body a huge favor by leaving these ingredients out as often as you possibly can.


Learn To Read Labels

Learn to Read Labels
(Or Just Scan Them!)
I found this interesting article from the US while researching Liver Detox – I have checked the apps listed – some look very useful.
The more I learn about food and nutrition, the more I gravitate to natural foods and local growers. But to some extent, there’s no getting around the corporate grocery store. Recently, my husband checked the fine print of our favorite yogurt … the label claims it’s organic and natural, but a closer look revealed that it contained aspartame. Yep, and yuck! We tossed the entire batch and went on a new search for an aspartame-free yogurt. These days, it’s tough to know what products carry the synthetic sweetener. Aspartame is marketed as aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Naturtaste, E951, Canderel and Benevia and just 951 in New Zealand. And because the patent on aspartame has expired, it is now in all types of products using their own private names. For example, recently Ajinomoto, one of the producers of aspartame rebranded aspartame with the name AminoSweet. And sometimes, the powers that be simply put “contains phenylalanine.” Although the law doesn’t require the disclosure of aspartame, it does requires a PKU warning for phenylketonurics who cannot metabolize the phenylalanine in aspartame. If you see phenylalanine, that’s basically a synonym for aspartame. Honestly, your best defense is to know how to read your food label and avoid the use of processed or manufactured foods whenever possible. For help learning to read labels, check out How to Read Food Labels on Scientific Psychic. But even knowing what to look for and how to read labels, sometimes it seems an impossible task, so we decided to look for an app that does it for you …
We found three good ones:
Foods You Can: From influential food allergy site foodsyoucan.co.uk, we found a FREE iPhone application which was created to help allergy sufferers identify foods they can eat, where to buy them, and also provide recipes to make with the food. The best thing about this one? It’s free! This isn’t just good for finding aspartame in your foods, it helps people with gluten sensitivities and other allergies. Read more on PRWeb, visit the Foods You Can Web site or download Foods You Can free.
Label Reading Guide: Another free app, this one helps you better understand the ingredients in your cleaning products. It’s more of a reference, but very informative! Download the Label Reading Guide on iTunes FREE.
iScan My Food: This one is £2.99. Pro version is £6.99 It was developed for scanning food ingredients and contains information on harmful food additives, toxic ingredients in food and genetically modified foods. Download iScan on iTunes or learn more on the iScan Web site.