What’s For Dinner Tonight?


Cook bone in pork chops just a minute a side until golden brown.

Mix Cider vinegar, lemon juice and honey to form a vinaigrette used to de-glaze the pan becomes a tasty, quick sauce.

Thinly slice sprouts, apple, carrot and anything else you fancy as a crunchy salad ( warm if you like) to serve alongside your juicy chops.

Little plug for our home grown, free range, Gloucester Old Spot chops here – £3 for 2… Just right for dinner.

I like to serve mine with root vegetable mash, yum.

Eat Clean, Stay Lean, Feel Great!

Jax x

What’s For Dinner Tonight?


How did you get on with hitting your rainbow food target yesterday?


A recent survey stated that in the UK most of us have about 7 meals that we rotate, no wonder we get bored and turn to sweet, fatty treats!

Think about the proteins you usually buy, could you change things up a bit? I think you could.
I promised that today we’d look at a different way to select your ingredients….. Well, how about their nutritional value?

Proteins can be ranked by their value – for example Aquatic protein trumps terrestrial!

I hinted earlier that you can choose your proteins to ensure you get the best nutritional value and variety from them, so here’s a simple rule of thumb.

Swimming beats flying, Flying beats running, Running beats growing out of the ground.

So, go for shellfish, then fish, then poultry, then free range pork, lamb or beef, then vegetable sources, you won’t go far wrong.


So, think prawns and pear stir fry with some vegetables,


maybe a few gluten free noodles and you have fantastic, quick meal. Eat with chop sticks and if you’re like me that will slow you down a bit, a stop you eating too much!

Enjoy, Jax

Eat Clean, Stay Lean, Feel Great!

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

If you’re like me you sometimes struggle to think of a different healthy, clean eating meal.

Here’s an meal idea that you might like to try….


A juicy, simple steak with steamed veggies will make a good hi protein, low carb meal. Unlike the photo I’d add a lot more veggies.

Remember the meat – beef, pork or lamb, perhaps should be the size of your hand and the thickness of your palm. Anything deeper than that must be green.
Consider the range of vegetables, you’re aiming for a rainbow of foods – so consider what colours you’ve had so far today and add the missing colours to your plate.


Tomorrow I’ll have a different suggestion and another way to select your vegetables.

Eat Clean, Lose Fat, Feel Great!


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High Protein Low Carb Meals Ideas

High Protein and Low Carb Meals

All these suggestions need is a LOT MORE veg and you will be satisfied until your next planned meal.  Protein slows down the digestions rate of your meal and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  You’ll  absorb about 20 g protein per hour so take your time eating and if you do feel hungry before your next meal use a high protein snack.

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