Day 10 – New Year New You – sticking To It!

Top Tips To Keep You On Track

I’ve posted these before but you can’t have too much of a good thing (unless it’s Helens Mince Pies!)
1. Avoid negative influences. Don’t subject yourself to people and social activities where you know it will be nothing but temptation.

2. Surround yourself with positive influences. Get involved more with positive friends and social situations.

3. Keep a training and nutrition journal. What you measure and what you are accountable for you will improve

4. Keep a very high compliance rate. Be consistent. Really stick to it. Write your workout in your appointments in your diary!

5. Use a small, conservative calorie deficit. Don’t do starvation diets – you’ll get too hungry and you won’t be able to keep up your compliance, plus you wont have as much energy to train hard and you have to train hard if you want to gain lean muscle as opposed to just losing weight. About 500 calories off your daily amount will do it. Ask me and I can calculates what calories should be for your lean mass.

6. Track your macronutrients. When working on a serious goal, do it by the numbers – don’t guess – know your numbers of proteins, carbs and fat.

7. Keep the protein up. When you’re cutting calories, it pays to eat more protein – about 40% of your calories or well over 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, closer to 1.5 grams per pound when the calories are low and gaining muscle is one of your goals.
I have clients on the ratio recommended by the Diabetes association 60:30:30

8. Try hardboiled eggs for a great protein snack that’s portable too. eat 4 or 5 times per day to get in the protein you need, keep hunger in check and keep your energy up. If you have some larger meals that’s fine, just take protein snacks in between so you can hit that important protein goal.

9. Make your food taste good. Try recipes like spicy turkey or chicken scramble wrap or a healthy chicken stir fry. You have to stick with your program just like you planned it but there is no reason the food on that program has to taste bad.

10. Include basic strength training in your program. Your workout doesn’t have to be anything fancy or complicated. I used cardio core yesterday, sweaty. Burny, moany, out of breath!! Hits the spot every time.

11. Do big muscle group exercises. It’s these basics that cause more release of muscle building hormones to build more calorie hungry muscle : Squats, swings & presses.

12. Do your own mini circuits. Include one of each of these movements to improve mobility, muscle balance and function : push, pull, core, single leg, double leg and maybe a total body cardio like burpee or get ups.

13. Do cardio, but not more than you have to. When your diet is strict and you have a calorie deficit, and you’re hitting the weight training hard, you don’t need a lot of cardio- high intensity training will give you all the benefits of cardio without the risk of overuse syndromes/ injuries. I often use a 20 – 30 minute walking pace cardio session to burn off a bit more fat and loosen up after a hard strength session. A walk in the fresh air at lunch would be ideal.

14. 90% of this is mental. You can’t ignore the mind. You must have a goal you want to achieve, have it written down clearly and specifically and be able to believe that you can achieve it. Stick to your plan and you’re results will improve your self confidence!

15. Support and positive environment are everything. Get into a good support group – a slimming group won’t do it – with only a 5% success rate beyond 18mths. I think spending your time with overweight people with bad eating habits is NOT the way forward. Find like minded people to hang out with.

Good Luck


Day 1 New Year New You

So if you’re like me you will make a resolution or two!
My health goal for this year is to continue making small changes to my diet each month, this month I will add a fresh smoothie to my breakfast routine.


In November some of us tried the fruit fast detox plan for a week or two. I was surprised how energised I felt, how easy the smoothies were to make and carry. We tried lots of variations to the 2 basic recipes, we tried swapping fresh fruit and veggies for juices, swapped fruit items and even made soups with them! All delicious and much simpler than juicing – bonus – all the fibre is used rather than discarded, it helped us to feel full and it was easy to successfully mix in protein powder when needed.

I really liked the beet root recipe, sweet to taste and great for hiding the healthful veg I don’t particularly like to cook and eat.

Decide today what your small change will be for January. ….

Maybe it will be to dust off the fitness equipment that’s been hidden away since last February, or just to stop bringing junk food home with your food shopping.


A client of mine made a huge change to the health of her family my emptying the junk drawer – you know the one full of snack bars, sweets and treats!
She filled it with nuts, seeds and a skipping rope! She said it made her realise that a minute of skipping would take her mind off her sweet cravings and a small handful of nuts or seeds would improve her skin, digestion and dentist bills!

What is your One Small Change?

Enjoy your day.

Happy New Year

Six Pack Abs on Full English – YES Please!

Big Breakfast Diet Plan


This is a simple plan to follow if you love a good, full English! The odd protein shake and exercise hard at least 3 times a week. You will also be prepared to eat well within 90 minutes of waking up! If you train before breakfast you could double your fat loss!!

We now know that saturated fat won’t kill you but added sugars will – so this year my plans will lead you to freedom from sugar cravings, long term health, stable body fat and scale weight.

As day 1 of your plan is always a cheat day when you rest and relax, day 2 is a fast with as much exercise as you can fit in, you need to consider your exercise schedule to get your fat burning hormones working for you before you choose which day of the week to start on.

Days 3, 5 and 7 are always training days with days 4 & 6 are optional training days.

On days 3 – 7 you will focus on eating your daily calories, which I will calculate related to your current weight and body fat%, at breakfast time.

This plan will suit you if you don’t really care about cooking evening meals, are really busy through the day or travel a lot for work and never manage to organise packed lunches.

You will supplement BCAA and quality Krill oil regularly through the day to ensure you lose only body fat.

To qualify for this plan you must either be
A current member of my Smart Training system or
A member of my Facebook Fatloss Group

So, get in touch NOW to book an appointment to see where you are now and work out your daily nutrient targets.

Here’s to a Healthy and Happy New Year.