Why Are We Getting Fatter?

Are we getting fatter simply because we make bad choices?

Are we simply eating too much AND choosing NOT to move enough?


Is the food industry producing addictive foods?

Is our environment overfilled with food?

The media jumps on the popular hype which is being pushed by our government!
We hear it every day – eat less – move more!

If you’ve ever tried that – and it’s just the same as restricting calories. You lose scale weight for a while, but as soon as you sat normal amounts of food the weight likes back on!
You will gain fat quicker than ever…

So. What do you do? Try again? Just to prove that you are a failure at trying to ‘diet’. Probably you’ll give up.

Strangely, that might be the best thing to do….

A 20 year study where chimpanzees were given a calorie controlled diet actually GAINED 30% weight every decade!
Sound familiar?….
[Proc Biol Sci 278(1712):1626-32.doi:10.1098/RSPB.2010.1890]

So, PLEASE please don’t blame your will power (I don’t believe it exists)


It’s expected that MOST (60%) adults will be obese by 2030!
[Journal of Preventative Medicine – 32:5. Pp536-570, June 2012

Over the coming decade sits expected that more people will due as a result of Obesity – 120 Million- that’s more than 3 times the number if ALL deaths from ALL wars since 1900.

Our government is about to start yet another scheme to pay Ives people as they lose weight! Offering free gym memberships didn’t work – I believe this will be another massive waste of money.


Obesity is much more than simply poor food choices or being a couch potato !
Here’s my recipe…..
Start by banning ‘Diet’. ‘Lite’ and ‘Low Fat’ foods.
Eat real food
Avoid anything with added sugar
If you can’t pronounce the ingredients don’t eat it.
3 simple meals everyday
2 snacks – no sugar or salt
Eat protein at every meal – and snack
Drink more water
Eat fruit daily
Eat more veggies than fruit
If you don’t want to eat it DONT but it
Eat processed, convenience foods less
Go for long, slow relaxed walks every week – or more.
Learn to relax
Switch Off your tech 1 hour before you go to bed
Get better quality sleep


You see it’s more about lifestyle and attitude than calories in and calories out!
Be happy, don’t stress and your body will heal itself if you give it half a chance and the right stuff!

Eat Clean. Train Smart. Feel Better!


F A S T – Learn the Signs of Stroke

Browsing Facebook j saw a post about the signs of stroke. And how we should pay attention to a ‘new’ sign – the tongue – in the info (below) from the NHS S for Speech will check the tongue AND remind you to ACT FAST!

PUBLISHED: 06:32, 29 October 2012

Thousands miss the early warning signs of stroke with two thirds not able to recognise the symptoms of a mini attack
Three in four people admit they would not go to hospital if they experienced symptoms such as facial weakness
Up to 10,000 cases of strokes could be avoided in the UK each year, say researcherS


Thousands of Britons risk suffering a full-blown stroke because they fail to recognise the small, early warning of a ‘mini attack’.
Two thirds of people do not recognise the symptoms of a small stroke and three quarters would not go to the emergency room if they did experience them, a charity survey found.
One in ten people who suffer the symptoms of a transient ischemic attack (TIA) go on to have a stroke within a week if they remain untreated, the Stroke Association said.

Warning signs that apply to TIA and stroke
A TIA, is a sign that part of the brain isn’t getting enough blood. Each year more than 46,000 people have their first TIA.
Yet, of 2,000 people surveyed by ICM Research, 66 per cent had never heard of the condition motivating the charity to raise awareness of the symptoms to look out for.

They include pins and needles down one side, facial weakness, speech problems that often last only a short time.

Lead researcher of the project, Peter Rothwell, the professor of clinical neurology at Oxford said: ‘A TIA is an emergency and a significant proportion of people will go on to have a major stroke if they don’t seek urgent medical attention.

Two thirds of people miss the signs of a mini stroke which can lead to a full-blown stroke unless treated. Symptoms include facial weakness
‘However, this poll suggests that the signs of a TIA are still being ignored.
‘This needs to change.’
Chief executive of the Stroke Association, John Barrick said: ‘Over 150,000 people have a stroke every year in the UK but up to 10,000 of these could be prevented if more people were aware of the symptoms of TIA and sought out emergency treatment.
‘Not only would this save thousands from a lifetime of disability, it would also save the health service a considerable sum.
‘Anyone who experiences the symptoms, regardless of whether they disappear within a matter of minutes, should go to hospital immediately. Assume it’s a stroke until it’s proven not to be by a medical professional.’
The Stroke Association advises people to use ‘Fast’ to look out for key signs of a TIA or stroke. They are: Facial weakness, arm weakness, speech problems. They advise calling 999 if they spot a single one of these symptoms.
Most people affected by stroke are over 65, but they can happen to anyone, including children and even babies.
Treatments for TIA include lifestyle changes, along with blood thinning drugs and high cholesterol medication.
For more information about stroke and support for sufferers, call the Stroke Association helpline on 0303 3033 100

If you ever suspect a stroke, angina or Heart Attack – call 999 don’t wait, or think about it- call the Paramedics. They would rather come and not have to do anything than come too late.

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