Mission Visible Abs At Any Age – #7 Treats

Visible Abs Over 50

#7 – Treat yourself
This sounds too good to be true. When you reduce caloric intake, your fat burning hormones can reduce by 50% in just 4 or 5 days.


So to keep your fat burning hormones happy, make sure you increase your calories with a ‘treat meal’ at least every seventh day. Of course this makes more than just your hormones happy

*Don’t go overboard here, especially if you’re side lined with injury. Typically a ‘treat meal’ can be a slippery slope to excess. My suggestion here is to PLAN.
Have just enough of your favourite food for your treat and then throw or give away the rest so it doesn’t ‘accidentally slide down your throat and become your main food for the next week!

Healthy Halloween Treats?

Halloween Treats – Better Choices
Carrot Fingers


The biggest issue with Halloween candy other than the obvious…sugar… is the high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). You should be aware of the dangers of sugar. You can bet that any product that contains high fructose corn syrup is a processed industrial food that is void of any nutrients. To increase health we want to seek whole, real, unprocessed foods that are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Tomb Stones

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If you still want to hand out candy here are some “better” choices free of the ingredients above.

Endangered Species individually wrapped chocolates
Yummy Gummy Candies
Annie’s Gummy Snacks
Trader Joe’s Organic Pops
Unreal candy
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

In the States these products are available in Whole Foods stores. I haven’t checked in the Cheltenham store yet – but I’m sure they have these or similar alternatives.

Happy Halloween