Why Diets Can’t Work!


Why Diets Can’t Work!

There’s been a lot of chat in class this week about a TV program. It was nothing new to me, I’ve been banging on about the Diet Industry for years.
The interesting thing is that now people are seeing that ‘diet’ products are produced by the Food Industry. The very companies that need you to stay FAT! They persuade you to fill your children with sugar for breakfast, sell you packs of salty crackers and fake cheese for lunch and then processed carb’ loaded options for dinner and tea.
Hopefully, we all will open our eyes to the simple truth that we all need food – so lets choose simple, fresh (including fresh- frozen) UN processed, nutrient dense foods.

Diets Do Work?
Despite what statistics might show, people can lose weight. Whether it’s through pure motivation, adrenaline, meat-only diets, or any number of other psychological and physiological tactics, many people can power through a few months and drop some of the pounds they want.

But then what happens?

For many, the pendulum swings back. Motivation dips, adrenaline subsides, and people stop telling you how wonderful you look.

Well guess what: Once you go back to your old habits, weight finds you. And then we end up right back where we started – and sadly you’ll be fatter than before. It’s not your fault it’s a hard wired, inbuilt survival mechanism to prevent starvation and guarantee survival!

Real Problem – we can’t keep it off!

The key to maintaining weight loss isn’t contained in a single diet or exercise plan. It’s more related to the emotional, psychological and lifestyle factors that dictate our relationship—and behaviors—with food.

next time we’ll talk about the three hidden conditions that can sabotage your success.

The longer I council clients about their nutrition, the more I realise there should e no banned foods- just healthier choices.

That means when you choose meat- get a local supplier, that doesn’t feed with anti-Biotics to prevent the illnesses overcrowded production methods cause.

Choose fruits in season – local and organic if you can afford it… See my article on which fruits should ALWAYS be organic (avoid pesticides).

Choose fresh, local veg- or fresh frozen to extend their season and cut down on prep. time.

Of course there are other actor – but choosing quality food will stop your cravings in their tracks. You won’t eat, want and so need to buy as much food.

Clients often tell me they can’t afford to buy Free Range or Local – I ask them to change where they shop – plan menu’s – buy what they really need. Cutting out crisps, treats, biscuits and baked goods will save huge proportion of your food budget. Loose fizzy pop, soda and sweetened juices will do the same.

We’ve all gradually been brainwashed- by the food industry and clever advertising campaigns to believe we NEED these fake food products.

Breakfast cereals – invented by Mr Kellogg


Fruit drinks – full of sugars and sweeteners


Biscuits – sugar and fat, not much else


Sweets (candy) – more sugar


Fizzy pop – chemicals, sugar and sweeteners


These foods make their manufacturers Billions, keep us fat and addicted to them. Eating them prevents you getting the nutrients your body craves.
Guess what, we then turn to the ‘slimming’ products and services the very same manufacturers own.

So, why would they EVER want you to succeed?

Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel a failure – get smart.

Next time we’ll look at what goes on in your head once you’ve succeeded, and maybe discover why you slip back again.

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