Portion Control May Be All In The Mind!

  • Portion control may be all in the mind, studies suggest…

  • Restaurants are taking notice, says prominent food-science researcher Brian Wansink of Cornell University. His own tests found children were satisfied with about half the fries in their Happy Meal long before McDonald’s cut back on size and calories, last year.

  • Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. Noted the following, interesting points…

  • 1. Switching from 11-inch plates to 10-inch ones makes people take less food, and waste less food, because the smaller plate makes a normal serving look more satisfying.
  • 2. People think they’re drinking more from a tall skinny glass than a short wide one even if both hold the same volume, a finding Wansink says is widely practiced in bars.
  • 3. Kids shouldn’t eat from the adult bowls. Six-year-olds serve themselves 44 percent more food in an 18-ounce bowl than a 12-ounce bowl.

Workshop – Female Fatloss Essentials

Female Fatloss Essentials


Saturday 29/11/14 10:00-11:30
Tuesday 2/12/14 20:00-21:30

Understand why girls lose fat and store fat differently to boys!
Why calorie controlled diets don’t work!
How certain foods will set you up for fat gain – even when you think you’re being good!

£10 per person.
Free if you train with me!

Fatloss Solutions
Hayden Hill Studio
Old Gloucester Road
GL51 0SW

Book your Spot(s) on Facebook or
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Jax x

To Juice OR Smoothie?

GREEN APPLE DETOX JUICE ( actually a Smoothie so you get ALL Nutrients)


I can hardly have a conversation without someone asking if I’ve tried a juice diet or fast or detox,

The problem is many of these fads are really just a way to cut calories, you lose weight – mostly water and muscle – and then when you eat normally the weight – and it will be body fat – piles back on again!

I often use a fruit and veg detox to help overcome cravings for sugar, caffeine or carbs, and to offer a high nutrition alternative to processed and packaged foods.

My Smart Training system includes a pre- exercise stage using a 7 day Detox which is followed by a mix of home and small group exercise and nutrition counselling sessions.

The most important thing is that you find a way to live everyday, making the right healthy choices for you, enough exercise to maintain your body with a healthy body fat % while avoiding fatigue, stress and illness or injury.

Using fasting, juicing or cutting calories to lose weight doesn’t work long term. Just like weight watchers and Other slimming clubs have a pitifully 5% success rate. That means this idea of eating less and moving more will work for a few months and then your metabolism will win out If you’re not careful your body will react by storing more fat every time you fast.

Find a clean eating routine that will work everyday, every week, every year. Your systems will relax, you’ll drop body fat, have more energy and never have to diet again..

Try this delicious energy boosting smoothie…..

Green Apple Smoothie

2 Cup Water
2 Green Apples
3 slices Pineapple
1 Cucumber, sliced
1 lemon, peel removed
½ Cup Fresh Parsley
1 inch cube Fresh Ginger


Process all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Nutritional Facts:
(Per serving)

Calories: 195
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 47 g
Fibre: 8 g
Sugar: 28 g
Protein: 2 g

Eat clean. Train hard. Feel great!

Fitness Myth FAIL #1

FAIL- I found this series of misleading articles- due mainly to misinterpretation of basic terms and superficial understanding.
Here’s the first

#1 Myth: Exercise Is Important For Weight Loss
Several clinical studies have shown that exercise does not correlate with weight loss. Diet is a much more crucial factor for weight loss. People who exercise and then reward themselves with extra calories will find themselves getting frustrated.

What a misleading statement! I would expect this advice to come from a slimming club and someone selling low or very low calorie meal replacements.

Exercise is essential for health and weight control, however SCALE WEIGHT is not the problem. Body Composition is the KEY.
It is only possible to maintain a healthy body, one that carries a healthy amount of body fat, with balanced nutrition AND daily activity.
Reducing calories alone NEVER gives sustainable, healthy weight loss. Your weightloss hormones will see to that.
Diets only work when you cheat. So a trip to the chip shop or cake shop after your weekly weigh in will keep you on track!
Many studies have shown that exercise can depress appetite. My clients often have to INCREASE their food intake to get results, balanced nutrition and a stress free future.

Another 19 myths to put right …

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Getting Nowhere on Your Weightloss Plan?

Getting Nowhere On Your Diet?
Stuck on a Weight Loss Plateau?
Want Support to Get You Started?

Why You Need Body Composition Analysis with me.
You’ve decided to make some changes, you decide to go on a diet. You plan to start on Monday- because everybody does! It must be a law or something.
Then you follow your plan, if you’re wise you let everyone know so they support you.
You avoid those around you that have NO self control and want to tempt you- they want you to stay like them! (over-weight & unhealthy)
PROBLEM_ after a few days you feel you’re not getting anywhere, you’re waistband is till tight and you feel hungry- ALL THE TIME!

You can’t see any progress because you didn’t record your Starting Point! Seems obvious, right?
But, most don’t weigh or even better measure themselves. They don’t want to know how they’ve let themselves go…..

In my experience you will double your chances of success if you bite the bullet and make proper records.
I offer this measurement and much more….

I will measure your body fat, your hydration level, muscle mass, bone mass and the dangerous fat around you tummy and calculate your Metabolic age- which is a great indicator of your fitness and health.

I won’t leave you with a string of figures that mean nothing to you. I give a report with some ideas and suggestions to get the best progress possible.

After helping many clients – I know that monitoring your journey Bi-weekly plus completing a 3 day diet diary GUARANTEES success!

Get in touch NOW to arrange your Starting Point assessment. It takes 30 to 40minutes. You will benefit from it and realise how to be successful and maybe why you’ve failed in the past.

Starting Point Assessment
7 Day lead time to allow for Diet Diary, Activity, Health & Fitness status questionnaires.
Often your initial assessment will be an option when you choose your Free session included with my transformation plans
Appointments are available daytime, evening and weekends.

First appointment F.REE with your session packs (PT, Fitness, Fatloss & Pilates)
£25 as a one off OR £20 as an add on to your Personal Training, Fitcamp or Pilates membership.

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What does your Favourite Breakfast Look Like?

Saw this and know it will help you…

University Of Missouri Unveils Secret To Belly Fat Loss?

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

By now, you’ve probably heard that breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day!

If you haven’t, well, I have news for you: IT IS!

Besides breakfast teeming with vitamins, minerals, good fats, high fiber, and healthy fats, breakfast should be part of any weight loss, body slimming, or diet plan.


Over the years, research has shown that skipping breakfast not only tanks your energy levels, but it may also lead to weight gain and poor appetite control.

So, the first step to losing weight, maintaining weight, or preventing weight gain would be to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast.

And if you can get that first step down, every day, then you will be well on your way to a tighter, slimmer you!

But what’s the BEST breakfast to have…

High Protein Breakfast and Appetite Control

So, you were told you need to eat breakfast more often in order to prevent weight gain.

You stumble downstairs and open up the fridge and cupboards, trying your best to find something healthy, yet satisfying to eat for breakfast.

You see the oatmeal…

You grab some jam and bread for toast.

You snatch up some fresh fruit from the drawers…

But wait is there something else that you’re missing?

The protein!

Studies suggest that higher-protein breakfasts may not only fill you up, but may leave you satisfied for longer periods of time.


The simple process of digesting protein may send a signal to your brain, therefore boosting the release of satiety hormones.

This simple trick – adding more protein to your breakfast (or any meal) – may lead to better appetite control, satisfaction after your meal, and better control during evening eating or snacking times.

And there is research to back it up!

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise and Physiology discovered that a breakfast HIGH in protein delivered more results than a normal protein, or skipping breakfast.

Here’s what they found:

– The simple act of eating breakfast reduced daily hunger between meals compared to skipping breakfast.

– The high-protein breakfast resulted in greater daily fullness, compared to both normal protein and skipping breakfast.

– High protein breakfasts increased peptide YY concentrations, and reduced ghrelin levels (ghrelin is a hormone released by your body that stimulates hunger and, on the other hand, peptide YY is produced by your gut and has been shown to reduce appetite).

– Both protein breakfasts reduced brain activity associated with hunger drive and preoccupations with foods and feeding.

– And this reduced brain activity resulted in less evening snacking and better overall meal satisfaction.

What did they conclude?

“These data suggest that the addition of breakfast, particularly one rich in protein, might be a useful strategy to improve satiety, reduce food motivation and reward, and improve diet quality in overweight or obese teenage girls.”

Start Your Day Off Right!

Having a healthy breakfast, one that contains protein, healthy fats, simple carbohydrates, and a good portion of complex carbohydrates, may help you lose weight and reduce hunger throughout the day.

An example of a healthy breakfast could be as follows (everyone is different):

half an avocado
one serving of sprouted grain bread
one cup of thin skin berries

As you can see from this breakfast above, it contains adequate protein, healthy fats, fiber, and simple carbs.

And this could make a perfect appetite-suppressing meal, one that boosts the RIGHT hormones for satisfaction, therefore leading to less hunger during the day and less snacking at night!

What does your ideal breakfast look like?

Enjoy Jax xx

Does Sweating Burn Calories or Fat?

Sweat And Its Effect On Fat Burning

As you go about your weight training workout routine, one thing that you may 
start to wonder about and question is whether sweat can be used as an indication 
as to how hard you’re working.  Does sweating really tell the whole story about 
whether or not you’re making the progress you should be?
Can one use sweating as indication of whether or not you’ve just done a great 
weight training workout session?

Before you jump to conclusions on this debate, let’s go over a few important 
things that you need to think about with regards to sweating and its effect on 
fat burning.

What Is Sweat?
The very first thing that you need to understand is what sweat is.  basically 
speaking, sweat is your body’s way of thermoregulating itself, helping to bring 
down your core body temperature when you’re starting to overheat.
The body will cause these tiny water droplets to be secreted by the skin, which 
then evaporate into the air, cooling the body off in the process.
It’s been demonstrated that men start sweating much sooner than women do and 
will sweat to much higher rates when exercising at the same intensity level.

The Sweating-Fat Burning Myth
So now that you know what sweating is, how does it correlate with fat loss? If 
you’re doing a weight lifting workout and are sweating buckets, does this mean 
you’re burning up fat much faster than someone who isn’t sweating as much?
The truth of the matter is that sweating has very little to do with fat burning. 
Sweating can be an indication that you are working harder during your workout 
and that can be an indication that you’re burning fat better, but sweating on 
its own doesn’t mean you’re burning fat.
You could lie out in the hot sun for hours on a lawn chair and sweat extreme 
amounts but this doesn’t mean you’re burning up calories and therefore body fat. 
In fact, a day of nothing but sitting in the sun burns few calories so the 
opposite would be truth.
Some people may feel thinner and even weigh less after a period of heavy 
sweating but realize that this is simply because you have lost so much water 
weight from your body.

Is Sweat Really Important?
So all in all, does the amount of sweat you show demonstrate a hard workout? 
Definitely not. While you should be working up a sweet during your workout to 
indicate that you are pushing yourself hard enough, don’t let yourself come to 
believe that this means you’re automatically seeing better results.
It takes more than a bit of sweat to actually burn off body fat – you need to be 
doing the right type of weight training program along with following a proper 
diet.  That is what will really get you showing remarkable results with your 
So keep these points in mind and don’t be fooled by the sweating myth any 

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Why Your Scales Lie

Why The Scales Lie!

When it comes to getting in shape it’s important to understand that body 
composition is the most important indicator of progress. Fat loss should be our 
goal, rather than simply ‘weight’ loss. Scale weight loss can be anything from 
fat and muscle to water or fluids and the scale can NOT differentiate between 
these things.
 Your body’s hydration level fluctuates from hour to hour and this can heavily 
influence the scale fluctuation. That’s why sodium is another important factor – 
it can make you retain fluid which can also lead to a spike on the scales.
Another factor that can influence the scale is glycogen.  Glycogen is your “fuel 
tank” full of stored carbohydrate.  This energy reserve weighs more than ½ kilo 
and is packaged with 1-2 kilos of water when stored.  Your glycogen supply will 
shrink during the day if you don’t take in enough carbohydrates.
These fluctuations are normal, and have nothing to do with fat loss.
The other important factor to consider that many people overlook is our intake 
of food and fluids throughout the day. Fact – food and fluids have a weight 
value too! If you eat a big dinner, or treat yourself to a free meal, the fact 
is you will weigh more following that – whether it immediate or the day after.
Your scale weight will even depend on whether or not you’ve been to the 
Fat loss is best measured using callipers (a ‘skin fold’ or ‘pinch’ test) or 
using a high tech machine that can measure the layer of fat under your skin. You 
can purchase relatively inexpensive plastic callipers and do these measurements 
at home.
 When it comes down to it, the best measurement should always be how you feel 
about yourself. How do your clothes feel, how do they fit and how do you feel 
about the effort you are putting in?
Changing your focus to goals that work on your fitness, strength and well being 
is a great way to take the focus off those scales and a number that too many 
people allow to control their feelings.
If you are putting in the effort, making good food choices and exercising on a 
regular basis then that is true success and the visual results will follow. 
Fluctuations are perfectly normal.  Expect them to happen and understand why 
they do.
Don’t let a number ‘make’ or ‘break’ your day.
How do you monitor your progress?

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