Fat Burning Zone – What A Joke!

Find Your “Fat Burning Zone”- Don’t Bother!

If your goal is weight loss, then you’re wasting your time running slower to stay in the “Fat Burning Zone.”

Running slowly may cause a slight increase in burning fat calories, but you will still burn WAY more calories overall by running fast.

So if your goal is fat loss and your trainer steers you towards Cardio Theatre and gives you a long slow duration workout – sack them!

Head over to the Resistance Area and move some heavy stuff around. The basic rule is to pick heavy sh** up above your head and put it down again! repeat until you are sweaty, aching, groaning and breathing hard. Rest for only a few seconds and go again.

You’ll build serious muscle and that muscle will burn fat for hours after your workout – even while you sleep! You’ll have a better shape, save hours of your precious time and be able to eat more without getting fat!

So, save your joints – stop the Slo-Go Cardio madness!

HIT Training – West Point Experiment Proof?

The West Point Experiment proving HIT works.


After the Colorado experiment, Arthur Jones wanted to do another controlled study at a university, he sent out feelers to Ohio State, Georgia Tech and Clemson but they were slow to commit. Then he was told that West Point had bought a full line of Nautilus equipment, after negotiations where everything would be funded by nautilus and also provide training, West point would provide subjects and measurement evaluations for the 1975 study.

Jones believed that HIT would strengthen muscles, heart and lungs and increase flexibility without the pounding of running. The study was to test this contention. He even obtained some of Dr. Ken Cooper’s (Aerobics creator) colleagues to conduct the cardio fitness tests, to head off skepticism about results. The majority of subjects were 2nd and 3rd string football players, the coach wouldn’t let 1st stringers take part. The workouts were brutal HIT, AJ (Arthur Jones) style. Don Shula the Miami Dolphin football coach came in for a day. Jones even set up an after hours program so other West Point coaches, faculty and families could take part. That program was called Project Total Conditioning.

After 6 weeks the study was complete 19 subjects doing HIT with 16 in a control group. The results:


Muscular Strength. After 17 workouts, the HIT group increased an average of 59% on ten exercises. There was no strength gains by the control group.

Cardiovascular Endurance. Subjects were wired with continuous EKG and blood pressure, tested several ways including an all-out test on stationary bike and a two mile run. The HIT group was significantly better on all heart rate and blood pressure tests than the control group during all types of exertion. The two mile run showed the only negative, The Hit group’s average time was reduced by 88 seconds, while the control group ran it 20 seconds faster than their average.

Joint Flexibility. The HIT group improved their average trunk and shoulder flexibility by 11%. The control increased their average by only 1%.

It was felt that he showed HIT and the nautilus machines build strength, cardo improvements and flexibility at a higher rate than standard training.

Several members of the West Point faculty wrote books on HIT they were sold on HIT including Dan Riley a premier strength coach at Penn State, Washington Redskins and the Huston Texans, always teaching HIT to players and other trainers along the way.

Aerobics : Anaerobics – The Pros & Cons…

Aerobics vs Anaerobics.


Just a few reasons why I don’t do long duration Cardio training- and haven’t for years now. I carry less body fat, don’t crave carbs after training, am much stronger and never wake up stiff and aching.

Aerobics: low to moderate intensity, no rests.

1. Teaches your body to burn muscle mass
2. Stimulates Cortisol- Encourages fat storage


3. Reduces your secondary sexual features – Men, you’ll lose your broad shoulders and deep voice. – Women, you’ll lose breast tissue and your curvy figure
4. Challenges good posture
5. High rate of injury due to high repetitions and impacts
6. Lowers your overall energy levels
7. Time consuming- 60 – 90 minutes, 5- 7 times a week
8. Can stimulate carb cravings


9. Hard to stick with due to the law of diminishing returns


Anaerobics: higher Intensity, intervals with rests.


1. Teaches your body to burn fat and build muscle
2. Increases your lung capacity.
3. Enhances secondary sexual features—builds a desirable, attractive figure


4. Low rate of injury
5. Raises energy levels—wipe out fatigue forever!
6. Can include essential resistance training


7. Time Efficient – 12 – 20 minutes, 3 – 4 times a week
8. Easy to stick with due to speedy noticeable results

Get off the cardio machines and move some weights about, grab the TRX handles swing, jump and squat- short bursts of exercise activity until you sweat, breathe hard and need your short rests – will turn your body composition around. GUARANTEED!