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Workout Nutrition Myth! – Eggs

Workout Nutrition Myth!
Ditch Egg Yolks
Egg whites, alone, are a terrible choice due to their low fat and lack of vitamins.
The yolk, which is tastier part of the egg, has all the vitamins and half the protein.
Eating just whites is bad for your health as a lack of fat soluble vitamins wo effect your immune system, recovery potential, will spike your insulin and energy swings throughout the day. The EXACT opposite aim of post w’out nutrition.
Go for Whole Egg. Snack on Boiled Eggs!
Eat Clean – Train Heavy – Feel Great.

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Some sources claim that your metabolism can decrease by up to 5% every 10 years once you hit 40. That means you can eat fewer and fewer calories every year just to maintain the same weight.
Aaah!’ I hear you say… That’s why you gain a few pounds every year and
R E A L L Y struggle to lose them again.

My workshop will explain why that happens and how to fix it.

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Hit a Fat Loss Plateau?

Fat Loss Plateau

If you’ve been putting the time AND the effort into your workouts but seem to have hit a plateau in your results, it’s time to take a good look at your diet plan.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you BACK on track 🙂

While having your workout in order is essential for success, some people assume that if they aren’t seeing results their workout program is to blame.

Often their workout is not to blame at all, but rather, the fact that their diet plan needs some modifications for further changes to happen.

You can break through this plateau by turning to good nutrition instead of changing your workout around yet again. I believe your kitchen is the first step.

Why Do You Reach A Plateau?

Let’s begin by understanding why you reach a plateau in the first place, often its because your body has simply adapted to what you’ve been giving it. Your energy balance has levelled off.

Just when it finally started to work… Your results stall.

This can mean that you need to put more effort into your workouts to challenge your body, or more likely, the foods you’re eating don’t have you burning up body fat or building lean muscle tissue.

So a simple change to either of these factors will get you back on track to success.

How To Bust Through A Plateau By Changing Your Workout

If you haven’t changed your workout in quite some time, this is the route to go.

You can do this by increasing your workout intensity
– lifting more weight
– increasing the speed you work
– reducing your rest between exercises
– changing the exercises you’re doing altogether.

All of these will stimulate your body and your plateau will be a thing of the past.

Top Strategies Improve Your Diet Plan

If you don’t feel it’s a workout problem that’s causing the plateau, then it’s time to look at your nutrition plan.

If you’re struggling to build lean muscle mass
– add more healthy, nutrient dense calories to your meal plans.

If you’re finding it difficult to reduce bodyfat
– eat a bit more protein and a few less carbs and dietary fats.
– make sure that your food choices are as unprocessed as possible for optimal results.

Whenever you make significant change to your eating plan allow 2 weeks as a ‘test’ then measure your results and then make further changes if you need to.

So there you have some quick and simple tips to get your healthy meal plans on track and help you bust through frustrating plateaux.

Make a few simple and considered changes and you’ll be right back on track to seeing the results you’re after.



#4 Fitness Myth Fail – Swimming Sucks!

Well, here’s the next one…..
I hope you’ll see why I don’t accept this argument…..

#4 Myth: Swimming is a Great Workout
Swimming is less effective at fat loss than other forms of cardio because the buoyancy of the water is supporting you while you move.
This isn’t to say swimming is a bad workout- it can still help with toning muscles and increasing your lung capacity- but if you’re trying to lose a couple pounds, you’d be better off going for a run or a bike ride.





Why You Can’t Lose Even 1 or 2lbs Every Week

How much weight SHOULD you

lose each week?

Your body won’t look ‘right’ by just simply losing weight. Most of us have tried that – you decide to lose a few pounds, you stick to your plan and as you get close to your goal you realise you just don’t look how you imagined.  Yes – it’s important to re-shape your body through proper fat loss methods but where should you set your weekly target?

In recent months, science has proven that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week doesn’t work without an inevitable plateau effect. If 1-2 pounds per week were an effective way to lose weight, you (and every other dieter) would disappear within about a year… it just doesn’t work, your body adapts to reduced calories and your weight loss stalls.. and then creeps back on again.

The best way to lose weight, or even better — lose bodyfat — is by aggressively pursuing a rapid fat loss protocol. The goal shouldn’t be to slowly lose weight; instead, consider using ‘sprint’ periods for weight loss and fat loss goals. Follow these with ‘maintenance’ periods and you’ll witness remarkable results. AND more importantly keep your new shape and weight.

My studies keep me up to date with current research and the experience I have with my ‘real’ clients shows me that not everything we hear on TV and read in magazines is current and up-to-date. This week alone, I’ve heard a GP on TV recommending a low fat diet to lose weight, and a ‘Diet Expert’ encouraging everyone to avoid English breakfasts and choose cereals instead!!  Very sad, as we now know without any doubt, that popular box cereals are processed, simple sugars, full of additives that when you eat them increase your chances of carb cravings, reliance on sugar for energy and body fat storage. Probably the worst start to your day.

Whereas, the natural balance of proteins and fats in a Full English breakfast will digest slower, provide great nutrition – high in essential proteins, health promoting fats and essential cholesterol. The other bonus is you feel you’re having a treat, you feel full and not hunting for your next snack by 11 O’clock.

I keep an eye on what’s ‘actually working’ while working with ‘real’ people. I’ve taken 2 approaches to ensure the information you get from me is based upon scientific fact, as well as clinical real-life outcomes:

  1. I’ve studied exercise theory and practise, nutrition and body composition management for 30 years and feel that I can safely and effectively guide you towards health and well being.
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5 Reasons to Get Strong

5 Reasons to Get Strong

1. Whatever your sport, be it running, cycling, swimming or a bit of everything, being strong will make you better at it.

Walk into your local gym and tell the instructor that you’re a runner. Chances are you’ll be given a program designed to improve your endurance. It will almost certainly involve light weights and lots of repetitions.

The problem is that any form of endurance activity involves literally thousands of repetitions. There’s no way you can replicate that in the gym. The best way to build endurance for running, cycling, or swimming is to go running, cycling and swimming. Then you use the gym to improve the aspects of fitness not covered by your activity training.

Think of it this way: When you’re on your bike, each pedal stroke uses a certain percentage of your maximum strength. As you get stronger, the percentage of strength used on each pedal stroke goes down.

In this way, strength contributes to your endurance by improving the efficiency of each pedal stroke. It means you’re able to do the same amount of work with less effort, or more work with the same amount of effort. Being strong makes you more economical.

You can also forget about the myth that strength training will make you “muscle bound” and inflexible. Simply lifting weights through a full range of motion can improve your flexibility as well as, or even better than, typical static stretching.

2. You will build a core of steel.

Contrary to a lot of the training advice out there, you don’t need to do anything on a Swiss ball, a wobble board or any of the various balance devices in your local gym to strengthen your “core” muscles.

And the core is a lot more than just the abs. It’s the collection of muscles that help to stabilize the spine. For our purposes, let’s define the core as the muscles of the trunk and hips — basically, anything that isn’t the head, arms or legs.

Someone who can perform a standing overhead press with their bodyweight and deadlift twice their bodyweight — which are reasonably impressive numbers  for a drug-free, genetically “average” trainee — will have developed a very high level of core strength simply by focusing on getting stronger in both exercises.

In fact, core muscle activation that is similar to or higher than that achieved by exercising on an unstable surface can quite easily be achieved with ground-based free-weight exercises like squats and deadlifts [1].

Outside of a rehabilitation setting, much of what passes for core training represents wasted time that could be much better spent getting stronger.

If you train with me you know that I very rarely ask you to do old fashioned ‘crunches’ or sit-ups.  The bio-mechanics training I completed this year reinforced my beliefs that to effect real improvements in core strength bracing exercises like Planks, Bridges and Pillars are the way to go.

3. Strength training will improve your appearance.

The vast majority of people who take up exercise are not doing so because of their health. They are doing it because they want to look and feel better. And that is exactly what strength training is going to do for you.

If you’re a woman, you are no doubt concerned that even the thought of pressing, pulling or squatting a heavy barbell will turn you into the female equivalent of the Incredible Hulk.

The main reason this isn’t going to happen to you is hormonal. Where size and strength are concerned, testosterone is undoubtedly the “King Kong” of all the anabolic hormones. And women don’t have as much of it as men.

But the relatively small amount of muscle you gain will make a big difference to the way you look. Muscle takes up a lot less space than fat. So instead of getting bigger, the exchange of fat for muscle will make you look smaller and shapelier.

“If tone is the goal,” writes Mark Rippetoe in Practical Programming,  “strength is the method.”

If you’re a guy, strength training will leave your clothes feeling tighter in all the right places, especially across the chest, shoulders and arms. As your back and shoulders get broader, you’ll create the illusion of a narrower waist. Not only will you feel strong, you will look it as well.

4. As well as looking better on the outside, you will become healthier on the inside.

Some people appear perfectly healthy from the outside. But on the inside they display early signs of insulin resistance along with a cluster of characteristics that can increase their risk of type II diabetes and heart disease [2].  See my other articles on

Syndrome X  and Metabolic Sydrome.

As the name suggests, metabolically obese, normal-weight individuals have a normal weight based on traditional criteria. However, their blood sugar and insulin levels are far higher than would be expected based on their weight alone. They look fit on the outside but are fat on the inside.  I call them TOFI – Thin Outside – Fat Inside.

And you won’t be surprised to hear that one of the best ways to beat metabolic obesity is with a combination of strength and endurance training [3].

Both forms of exercise improve insulin sensitivity. But each one works in a slightly different way. When you train with weights, you gain muscle. And it’s this extra muscle that helps to clear any excess sugar from your blood.

Endurance training, on the other hand, enhances glucose uptake independently of changes in muscle mass, increasing both the number and function of glucose transporters. These help to transport sugar from the blood into the muscle.

5. You will be able to quantify and measure your progress.

I encourage you to weigh and measure every training cycle. Photos are the best way to see where you are with your training.

Training for strength is satisfying, mainly because your progress is a lot easier to quantify. You are able to see the progress you’re making in the form of more ‘weight on the bar’.

This will give you a totally new sense of focus and direction. Going to the gym will be something you get excited about. Each workout will become a challenge to be conquered rather than another chore to add to your ever growing to-do list.

The terms “strength training” and “resistance training” are often used interchangeably. But they’re not the same thing. Strength training isn’t strength training unless it’s making you strong.


1. Behm DG, Drinkwater EJ, Willardson JM, Cowley PM. (2010). The use of instability to train the core musculature. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 35, 91-108
2. Dvorak, R.V., DeNino, W.F., Ades, P.A., & Poehlman, E.T. (1999). Phenotypic charcteristics associated with insulin resistance in metabolically obese but normal-weight young women. Diabetes, 48, 2210-2214
3. Poehlman, E.T., Dvorak, R.V., DeNino, W.F., Brochu, M., & Ades, P.A. (2000). Effects of resistance training and endurance training on insulin sensitivity in nonobese, young women: a controlled randomized trial. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 85, 2463-2468
4. Morton SK, Whitehead JR, Brinkert RH, Caine DJ. (2011). Resistance training vs. static stretching: effects on flexibility and strength. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 25, 3391-3398


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